Saturday, November 10, 2012

It took 1 month and 7 days

The Mets ended their season on October 3rd, that was one month and seven days ago. In this span of time, we on the east coast have endured a catastrophic hurricane, property destruction, power outages, and gas shortages. We have also dealt with a heavy snowstorm, which only added to the misery. All of this has reminded us that sports are a distraction, they're not life and death. I've been reminded to keep things in perspective, and for the most part I have. However, as the Mets have done to me for 40-plus years, today I read something that made me hit the roof.

Yesterday as the GM meetings wrapped up, Sandy Alderson told reporters that Josh Thole will likely return, since "it's hard enough to find one catcher, let alone two." Someone please explain this to me. I mean really, someone comment on this blog or tweet me the rationale for this thinking. The Mets (who have some credibility issues already) talk about the need to improve the product on the field. How is keeping a DREADFUL, AND I MEAN DREADFUL, baseball player on this team consistent with that statement? The Mets released Bay. Fine. But Bay can make a contribution (albeit one not consistent with $16 million contract) to a team through hustle and superb defense. Let's look at what Thole can do:

.234, 1 HR, 21 RBI in 321 ABs. 18 passed balls he threw out 23% of base stealers.

Thole also refuses to block the plate (injury or not it's his job), and I don't know about you, but he does not look like he hustles to me. I see a lot of 4-3 put outs, with Thole jogging down the baseline. And this guy is coming back? Are you serious? And please, don't tell me about catching the knuckleball. He did not come out of the womb knowing how to do that (and I still think he's awful at this too). Someone else can learn to catch Dickey, if RA even is in Flushing, which grows more doubtful each day.

With Boston's signing of Ross (thank you, Sox. Ross killed the Mets), Salty may be available. He's far from perfect, as he strikes out often, but he is a switch hitter with power (25 HRs). Why is the talk that Salty could be a complement to Thole? Salty's being a switch hitter means the Mets can get a RH-hitting catcher to be the other backstop (why not re-sign Shoppach?). Okay, rant over on this issue.

Dickey will be traded, and I'm fine with this. If he can return an OF, this is a move that needs to happen. Wright will be signed, I think, and I truly believe that this will be the first step to returning some good feelings between the Mets and their fans.Well, maybe not for me. The first step for me to feel better about the team will be the shedding of Thole, Duda and Torres. Duda's furniture injury almost ensures his presence in Port Saint Lucie. So, I'm not feeling so great right now. But I have an appointment to talk to my ticket rep on Monday for 2013 tickets. Yup, they've got me right where they want me.

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