Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hey Ike Davis, Let's Party!

One of the funniest movies of all time, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, provides the backdrop for Mets news this week. The Mets were rained out on Tuesday, and a story broke that the Mets were disenchanted with Ike Davis, because he stays out partying too late. Ike refuted the story, saying that at most he goes to a movie after games, and TC also said he'd never observed that behavior from Ike. Anyway, that's what happens when you're 68-83, people speculate at your expense. But let's take a look at a more substantive matter with regard to the first-base situation.

The question being asked is whether Duda or Davis should be at 1B next year. Clearly, the Mets don't know what to do with Duda. Is he a LF? Is he a 1B? Is he trade bait? Looking at the numbers:

Davis is at .226, 28 HR, 83 RBI
Duda is at .245, 14 HR, 54 RBI

Let's remember that Duda spent about a month in the minors, and Ike got off to that dreadful start. Defensively, Duda does not seem to be any better at 1B than in the OF, and Ike is an above-average glove at 1B. It seems clear that Ike is the better 1B candidate. But then there's trade value. Ike would bring more back than Duda, so what is best for the Mets? Are they better with players that Ike can return, and with Duda at 1B? Is there some other possibility, such as Wilmer Flores at 1B?

Time for me to opine. I simply don't see why the Mets are entertaining any notion of keeping Duda. Talk about a round peg in a square hole. This guy cannot play the field, it's that simple. I say trade him, perhaps in a package with other players, to an AL team and be done with it. Ike is by far the better player, and trade value can be bulit by adding other players with Duda. Factor in Duda's propensity to sulk, and we have a clear case of addition by subtraction.

In other news, RA got win #19 today. I was at Citi, and I was pleasantly surprised by the respectable turnout. RA is one of the few drawing cards the Mets have. The idea that he should be traded to bring back other pieces is intriguing, however, not an idea to which I subscribe. RA is a player that, if the Mets are serious about putting out a better product next year, needs to be here and an anchor on the staff. There has been talk of trading Niese as well. Jon is a guy who could bring back value. However, they'd be giving up a young veteran whose stock is rising. The return had better be substantial.

In the end, most players can and should be on the table this winter. I don't believe Dickey and Wright should be though. I also don't see how, with no money, the Mets are going to trade their way to respectability. They simply don't have the pieces to trade. In 11 days, speculation stops and the work begins. Get your contruction hat, Sandy.

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