Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mets swing and miss with bloggers

I applaud the Mets and their campaign to reach out to fans through social media. Many players are on Twitter (Ike joined this week), Sandy Alderson is on Twitter, and the Mets have hosted Social Media nights at Citi. Last night, the Mets hosted one of a few "Blogger Nights" that they have had this season.  The team has selected several bloggers, whom they deem important enough, to be invited to the park, interact with players and management, and sit in the press box for the game. Interesting concept, right? When you're a blogger who is never invited to these events, you wonder why that is. Then you look at the invitees and their blogs, and quickly realize that many of the bloggers write in sub-standard English (you know, "the Mets need to address there catching situation. If your a Mets fan, your frustrated"), resort to profanity to make their points, and are decidedly negative about the team. Ahhh, but there's the answer! They invite the ones who rip them, to leverage access for a changed writing style. Does it work? Of course it does. But there's one more point. Many of these invited bloggers seldom buy tickets. They probably get a Mets t-shirt for the holidays. So the Mets extend the olive branch, and several high-value perks, to those who abuse them and can't, or won't, financially support the team. It's frustrating for me (and others with whom I've conversed-yes, you use "whom" in this context). I spend mega dollars on this team, write what I think is a fair blog, and get stiffed for my efforts. Final point, the bloggers who have been granted access have become insufferable. Their congeniality toward the rest of us has quickly turned to a condescending sneer.

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  1. Richie! not for nothin', but who pooped in your corn flakes? In all seriousness, I'm not sure what the beef is about bloggers who get access. I was upset that Kiners Korner was not recognized (since, you know, we interviewed Gary Carter, Nolan Ryan and a bunch of other 1969 Met heroes before it was in vogue to bring them to CitiField), but I was invited as a writer for Metsmerized Online.

    The difference between those blogs and schmoe independents like you and me are the page views. They're largely influential with the fan base and get slot of traffic. I guess the Mets see it as treating fans who spend money on the team (and don't get me started there) and honoring them, and the blogging folks who are the "voice" of the fan base. They are not doing anything differently from any other team (The Dodgers were one of the first).

    Lastly, it's not like the bloggers are getting anything carte blanche. Besides having a sample of the steak sandwich (which honestly will get more $$ pumped into the Citifield economy by me but I'm not sure I would have paid $15 for it willingly before I had the sample), we got free soda and water CALL THE COPS. Trust me, it's not some kind of free ride. Many of the fans who were offered seats in the press box also are not allowed to cheer at the game, but there are plenty games they spend money. I am one of them.