Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

The title of this post is being bandied about today by the logically-thinking Mets fans out there. The Mets went down to Philly and beat Cliff Lee and Vance Worley, both very difficult tasks. The Mets lost today, and looked shoddy in the process. Pelfrey danced through many raindrops and left after 6, having given up one run on eight hits. The bullpen came in and handed the game over, aided and abetted by some bad defense at short and in RF. The defense, as I have written on many occasions, will hurt this team all year. It's a given, it's a conscious choice the team has made in the way the roster is constructed. However, we need to be happy with the series win and hope that the good play can continue in Atlanta. After that, the Giants and their pitching come to Citi, so the road ahead remains a challenge for the team.

What exactly is going on with this team? They are clearly rebuilding, and as such, expectations are low this year. But, they get out of the gate quickly, and the pitching is surprisingly good. Expectations begin to rise. I'm not sure what's in store for us in 2012, though Ed and Joey at Studious Metsimus think 2012 bears a resemblance to 1984. I agree on some level. In 1984, there was a sense that this "wasn't the year", but "the year" was coming soon. As Ed points out, there was young talent on the roster (Gooden, Strawberry, etc.). There was veteran leadership in Hernandez. I'm going to say that this year reminds me more of 1983. In 1983, the Mets struggled in the standings, going 68-94 (which is close to my prediction of 71-91 for 2012). Similar to this year, in 1983 the true, young talent was not yet on the big-league roster. We were hearing the names of Gooden, Darling, Dykstra, etc. This year, we're hearing about Harvey, Familia, Wheeler, Valdespin. 1983 was a "bide-your-time" year, and I think this year is the same. I hope I'm wrong, as 1984 was more exciting, with the Mets in first place almost all summer, before going to Chicago and getting kicked in the....gut. Be right, Ed! I need a fun summer.

Bay is out with a finger injury. You have to laugh about that, coming off Wright's similar injury, albeit to a different digit. It's the little stuff like that, constant reminders everywhere, that we're Mets fans. Strange things happen. Who knows what's coming. Quoting different recording artists (sorry, Meatloaf), in 2012, we've only just begun.


  1. I hope the 2012 Mets are closer to the 1984 team (90-72) than the 1983 team (68-94). I mean, the Mets have won at least 70 games each of the last three years and those years were considered disappointing. A 68-win season would be a regression.

    For all the hype given to the rest of the NL East improving, I just don't see it. I can absolutely see the Mets playing well against their division rivals and finishing with at least a .500 record. Those 81 wins would put them closer to the 90-win '84 team than the 68-win '83 team.

    Either way, I think the team is definitely moving in the right direction, which is something I couldn't say about the teams that came before them.

    Last I forget, thanks for the plug. Joey appreciated your mention of the word "bears" although I think he liked your reference to Meat Loaf even more.

  2. I agree on the NL east. Philly is not nearly the team they were with Howard and Utley. Atlanta may still have a 2011 hangover, and Miami may just be an epic fail.

    I agree with Joey. Nothing like the edible meatloaf with ketchup.