Saturday, March 17, 2012

How about giving this guy a shot?

Happy St. Patrick's Day! With the news that Byrdak needs surgery (I'm shocked!!) and will be out until at least late April (August in Mets parlance), the Mets are looking for a situational lefty. They have some candidates in camp, none of whom will make you forget Ricky Horton. Chuck James (not Rick James), Garrett Olson, and Josh Edgin are the leading candidates. I'm not a fan of either of the first two, and I like Edgin. He has good stuff. The only problem with him is that he has very little experience above single A. Hence, I introduce you to the recently released Dontrelle Willis. He'd come inexpensively, he knows the NL (particularly the NL east), and he is quite tough on lefties (he can hit, too, but I digress). I'm all about giving young guys a shot, but I'm not sure the internal candidates are worthy of that. Why not give D Train a look? If he fails, release him. Thoughts?

I like Jordanny Valdespin. How long is it going to be until he gets a shot? He's a more dynamic player than Tejada, and Valdespin's speed would be welcome at the top of the lineup. Rather than rushing a guy like Edgin, I'd like to see Valdespin get a shot to come north. I believe the Murphy experiment will not be a success. He looked dreadful in the field yesterday. For the life of me, I can't understand the fascination the Mets have with playing guys out of position. Hundley, Piazza, HoJo in center, etc. were all failures. I've already made my point on Duda. I like Murphy a lot. But the Mets may need to come to the realization that unless he's here to take over 3B (which is possible), his best value may be in a trade to an AL team to bring back a piece or two.

While I like to ignore the existence of the NYY, I feel obliged to mention them. Yesterday, it was announced that Pettitte is attempting a comeback. I have always felt that Pettitte was a HUGE phony. I'm now convinced that he is the biggest phony is baseball. He drones on about wanting to be close to family. He talks about his religious beliefs. What does the guy do? HE CHEATS by taking steroids (claiming it was "medicinal"), then all of sudden, his need to be near family is no more, he wants back into the game. Contrast this to Tebow. Say what you want, Tebow lives what he preaches. This man does oodles of charity work and donates huge sums to help people. Maybe Andy can learn something from Tim. It's not about commercials and words, it's about actions. Pettitte, in my mind, is one enormous hypocrite.


  1. i owuld love to see d-train given a shot. if he ever gets his act together again the guy could be back to his dominant self. i dont think it was physical with him everything he has gone through has been more mental than anything

  2. I agree, Mo. If they can look at Nitkowski, who has not thrown a big league pitch in 7 years, they can look at D Train.