Saturday, March 3, 2012

Easy on the Duda love, Mets fans

It's that lull in the action now. We were excited for Ps and Cs, and they arrived. Then, we were excited for a full squad work out, and it came this week. Now, we're looking for something, anything, to talk about before the games start on Monday. It seems that Paul Bunyon, aka Lucas Duda, is the talk of Port Saint Lucie. That's fine. Let's look at what Duda is. He's a strapping guy, with tremendous power, who actually shows an ability to give quality ABs (thereby separating from Kingman), and take the ball the other way with success. His BP session this week produced raves (I told you it was a slow news time). Yes, Lucas Duda has power and is worth watching. But, really, folks? Now it's wet blanket time. The guy has 14 career HRs (10 last year), and has played in 129 games. NL pitchers have yet to adjust to him. He's going to be playing a position that is, and should be, foreign to him. He's a "plow horse", to use Keith's term. He is a downgrade, and a significant one, from Beltran. I hope he does well. I want to be wrong, and I'd love to see him go out and put up 35 HRs and hit .280.  But 129 games does not mean this will happen. Remember Butch Huskey? He hit balls out of sight too. He was a strapping guy with amazing power....I have been saying, and continue to say, there's no room for Duda and Davis. Trade one for a young, athletic OF, and make the other the 1B.

Other news from PSL...uh-oh, danger Will Robinson! David Wright is not playing in today's intra-squad game due to "stiffness in his left side". This could be nothing, as DW promises us it is. Or, we all know what strained obliques do to players, right, Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan?

TC says Parnell is not a lock for the bullpen, that Parnell will have to "earn it". I will be dropping extra in the collection basket tonight, hoping that Bobby does not "earn it" and has an opportunity to enjoy genuine Buffalo wings this summer.

On more hat tip to The Kranepool Society for the post on the passing of Davey Jones. Steve points out that the Monkees were, in their day, top-notch entertainers and links to some videos. Yes, in the context of today, they may seem "inadequate". But they were MTV before there was MTV. RIP, Davey. While I'm at it, please read A Gal for All Seasons's "Married to the Mets" posts. They say it all. Good work, Coop. And finally, Studious Metsimus has a great series on Mets one-year wonders, and Bret Saberhagen's high school picture. That alone is worth the read!

The above mentioned folks and I will be on the bridge (Shea, not Whitestone) on opening day, about 12 or so. Let me know if you'd like to join the fun and toast the new season with us!

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  1. Thanks for the One Season Wonders plug! Bret Saberhagen's wild hair in high school should have warned us that he was going to have a wild side in New York, a side that would eventually come out when he needed to clean the stains on those reporters with bleach.

    I hope you eventually like Duda, because I think he's going to do just fine for the Mets. With the news that Ike Davis might have Valley Fever, Duda might become more valuable to the Mets, especially since he received some playing time at first base last year.