Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hello-it's getting to be that time

The snow is melting. It's almost St. Patrick's Day. That can only mean that we're half way through spring training, turning the corner to a new baseball season. What's going on in the land of the blue and orange?

Ollie and Looie are still Mets- not sure why. I don't see Sandy bringing either of them "south" to Miami for opening day. So, why are they taking ABs and innings from guys who need the reps? Is there some hope to trade one or both, and try to salvage something in return? In any case, my vote (and I bet yours too) is to DFA both of them NOW. Perez has been awful this spring, and Looie looks old and fragile, even though he's had a few hits lately.

No Reyes extension- and I don't expect one. I think Reyes is likely gone by July 31. He's not an OBP guy, so he does not fit into Sandy's model. Tejada and Valdespin are being groomed as replacements. I'm sorry, I see Tejada, I see Reyes and Oquendo. I just don't see this kid hitting on the big-league level. I hope I'm wrong. I think letting Reyes go is a mistake.

Pitching looks good- Young, Capuano, Niese, Big Pelf, Dickey, K Rod, they all are pitching well. Let's hope March success carries over, this had been an area of concern. Also, I'm seriously rooting for Izzy to make the team.

Bay- nice to have ya back, Jason! He's hitting in the spring, and it's so nice to think that LF is all set with a competent fielder who can also rake.

Thole- looks good, both at and behind the plate. Paulino showed up yesterday. Personally, I like Dusty Ryan. I don't know why. Maybe I just like his name.

Beltran- His other knee is bothering him now, and he's shut down for a while. This may be who he is at this point in his career, folks. I like Carlos, but if we can get a mid-level prospect, I'm ready to say goodbye.

Wilpons- this whole thing about the loan, and we're left to wonder if Reyes and Beltran are traded, is it to benefit the team, or Fred's balance sheet? Ugh, must admit, as excited as I am for baseball, this takes it down a notch.