Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sandy, do you regret your decision at all?

This is ugly-and that's not news. The Wilpons are being sued for a lot of money, and that's their problem. But it's also our problem. There's so much uncertainty around the team, in terms of how will the law suit affect the team on the field. For example, will there be a full sale this year? If that's the case, will they try to make the product more attractive by reducing payroll? If Reyes and Beltran are traded in July, is it because of their impending free agency (which will be the spin), or will it be more about lowering payroll to attract buyers? Is there even a chance that they would consider adding players if they're in the race? These things all affect the wins and losses, and us, the paying customers. I guess we can only hope that this all gets resolved quickly, both the law suit and the partial or full sale, so we can get back to hits, runs, and errors.

Sandy Alderson-what's he thinking right now? Yes, he knew he was taking over for the human definition of "incompetent" and had an inflated payroll, but this new albatross around his neck had to be a surprise. Sandy says he takes the subway home to Manhattan from work these days, and will continue to do do during the season. Sure you wanna do that, buddy? Personally, I'd shake his hand and wish him well. But if the team is 30-45, what will poor Sandy be hearing on the ride? Better take the express, Sandy.

All of this given, spring training in TWO DAYS, and no matter how bad the mess is, that's music to my ears!