Saturday, December 10, 2011

So I was wrong

Last week, I boldly proclaimed that Reyes would return. Well, got that one wrong, didn't I? In watching Reyes with Kevin Burkhardt on SNY this week, I could not help thinking about Tom Glavine. Why? It seemed from the minute Glavine inked with the Mets in December of 2002, he regretted it. Jose seemed the same way. He tried to say the right words, about how he's now a MIAMI Marlin. He said the Mets did not make an offer, so he did what he had to do and went where he was wanted. But you kind of had the feeling that he knew he'd be playing in front of 5K fans by 2013, and that he'll be miserable. He has his money, that's for sure. Let's see if it can buy him happiness. One more thought on the Marlins. Folks, they have no intention of paying on these contracts until they expire. Did you notice they refuse to do no-trade clauses? They may be able to afford the contracts in 2012, if the new ballpark is a draw. But trying to deny the lack of popularity of MLB in South Florida is like trying to hold back the ocean with a paddle. The Pirates drew for a year after they opened PNC. Now they play to 10K at most. The ballpark does not wallpaper over indifference. Sorry about that, Jose.

The Tejada era has begun. I'm not going to lie and say I'm excited, but I am intrigued by the re-made bullpen, especially Ramon Ramirez. His 68.2 IP and 66K will do just fine. I like the attitude of Rauch, who will take no crap from anyone. The Mets have become very soft lately, and an make-over in the "balls" department is overdue. His WHIP of just over 1.3 is also quite serviceable, and it also means we won't see Igarashi again. Then there's Francisco. His 53K in 50.2 IP means he can miss some bats, and that'll be welcome. Just keep the folding chairs in the Citi Field basement.

Pagan-I liked him. Coop did not. Ed did. See, there was a divided house over Angel. Kudos, though, to Coop when on opening day of 2011, she proclaimed that Angel should have been dealt when his value was highest. I'll take Torres and his D and speed. But I will miss Pagan.

What's next? Apparently, anything not nailed down at Citi is available (except DW). Why not? I must say that my heart palpitated with joy at the rumor that Parnell was about to be dealt. This guy will be driving a UPS truck in 2 years. As Ojeda says, a lot of UPS drivers can throw 90, but they can't pitch. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Bobby. I think they need a leadoff hitter, as Torres OBP is not good. Personally, I'd love to get an SS (I've always liked Furcal) who can leadoff, and move Ruben to 2B. Now that's defense! Torres could bat second, and JT can be a utility player. I'd also like to see veteran leadership at C, and am 100% in favor of Pudge, despite my usual disdain for 40 year-old players. Of course, I'd like a new starting C, but I think we will endure more Thole (sigh). As for the bench, I guess Endy is less likely, but bench players should be versatile (Turner) so I say bring back Harris and Hairston. Go ahead, spit at your computers. I like both of them.

Has it been a "fun" off season? Not really. Jose's departure is painful. But with Johan back, and a new pen (need I remind that twenty one 7th-inning leads were blown last year), I see mediocrity again in 2012. Maybe a few more (correct) moves can edge the team above water. I said "maybe".


  1. I do miss Pagan, although if Nieuwenhuis is ready for the majors in late 2012, I won't miss Pagan as much (I've always been high on Kirk.)

    Did you hear that Alex Gonzalez had an offer from the Mets to be their shortstop but chose to go to the Brewers instead? The Tejada era at short might have put on hold had this happened. Or at the very least, Tejada would have been back at second, leaving Daniel Murphy searching for a position (or a team).

  2. Hey Ed,

    I did hear about Gonzalez. Tells me they can't be 100% sold on Tejada, at least not yet. I still think Tejada is best at 2B, with a different SS, and Murphy as a 5th infielder.