Sunday, December 18, 2011

A mid-winter board meeting

Last night we gathered in Queens (what a surprise, right?) to celebrate the birthdays of "Coop" (A Gal for All Seasons) and Denise (I don't know if she has a blog). A bunch of Mets fans gathered at Strawberry's Restaurant, talking baseball and having a libation or two. Studious Metsimus and Faith and Fear in Flushing were also represented, as we debated and pondered the recent actions of or beloved Mets, and their imminent and long-term future. With such a stellar crew assembled, I wanted to share some of the discussion.

Duda-is he a RF or trade bait? I was surprised at how many want to give Lucas a shot in RF. I want to give Lucas a shot to be what I think he is, a DH. I say use him in a package to get a RF who can lead off. I was out voted.

Reyes- no one was surprised (obviously) and no one was terribly broken up by his departure. We loved Jose, but at $106MM for 6, we're happy to say "Adios, Papi".

Niese- strong reaction here. Everyone felt trading Niese would be a mistake, even if a young pitcher and another piece comes back. I agree. We have a young stud LH. Why trade him for a "maybe"? Keep our guy!

Bullpen- consensus that the moves will help. No one liked the idea of blowing twenty one 7th inning and beyond leads (haha), and everyone felt Sandy did well with limited resources. And interestingly, no one made wise cracks about folding chairs. I was the only one pleading with Santa to re-home Parnell.

Funniest line of the night goes to "Mr. Coop", who said, "In 2012, the Mets will be deceptive. They'll be worse than you think".

Whether we agreed or not, the night was another reminder that baseball is the greatest game on earth. Think about it. It's football season (we all love football). it's holiday time, there was ample alcohol and junk food (including macaroni and cheese balls)-yet all we wanted to talk about was a team with financial difficulties that has not had a winning season in three years. Gotta love baseball. And thanks for having a mid-winter birthday, Coop! I needed a baseball fix.


  1. Richie, this was a great recap of it all! Although if you and I had talked about Lucas Duda...I would have probably agreed with you. :D But I will say what my friend Sully and I discussed on his podcast: Mets fans will be more receptive to losing with younger guys than overpaid veterans with bloated contracts. So if my dad was right - the Mets will be worse than you think! - at least we can identify with them during this rebuild process. Thanks again for this write up - it's awesome how baseball has brought all of us together!

  2. It really is amazing how baseball, and sports in general, can bring people together. I enjoy every last minute of it. On the subject of rebuilding, I agree with your point. We're smart enough to recognize and work with a plan of younger players. Maybe the ownership situation is casting such a pall over the team that the senses of some fans are out of kilter. You know, the fans are on the bus, but we think Otto from the Simpsons is the driver. We survived 1979, 1983, and 2003. We will get through this one too.

  3. Yes, the Mets haven't had a winning season in three years, but that's why we have each other. Without Mets fans like us coming together, the off-season would be much colder indeed. Thanks for posting this, Rich! It is great to be part of the Mets fan community, isn't it?

  4. Ed, I'm starting to think I like the community more than the team! It's been great getting to know you and Coop, and I appreciate all of the other contacts I've made through you two. The community takes a great thing and makes it even better. Thanks for inviting me to the party Saturday.