Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sandy snags a Met killer

Sandy Alderson brought us long-time Met killer Willie Harris yesterday. I LOVE this move, probably more than I should. Why? Not for the dumb reason people are talking about, "he can't hurt us any more". I LOVE this move for two reasons. First, Harris is the perfect fourth outfielder. He has a great glove and speed, attributes that are vital off the bench. And second, it shows that our leadership knows how the pieces fit together on a ball club. Harris is right for the role. You don't use Nick Evans as a fourth OF. Why? Let's start with the fact that HE IS NOT AN OF. That means defensive liability. Next, he can't hit or run. So why would you dream of having him in the role? Well, only our previous GM (whose name will never be mentioned) would think that's a good idea.

A few other thoughts....

Tankersly- good signing, gets lefties out (they hit .200 against him). Good LOOGY to have.

Capuano/Buckholz- eh, we'll see. Two guys with three Tommy John surgeries. In the year of low risk/high reward, why not?

Now get Chris Young, given the budget constraints (thanks again, previous GM. You're a swell guy), we'd have about the best team we can.

30 days until PSL! Yeah baby!

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