Monday, December 27, 2010

The Mets made a trade, they got Hu?

Let the Abbott and Costello jokes begin! The Mets acquired Chin-lung Hu from the Dodgers for Mike Antonini, a LHP. Hu has had a limited, non-spectacular career, with an average of .191 overall in the big leagues in parts of 4 seasons. He plays SS and 2B, and will compete for the backup infielder role with Brad Emaus and Luis Hernandez. Both Hu and Hernandez are out of options, so one will likely come north and the other will likely be waived after spring training. Hu also has some speed, which could be a positive, as Hernandez and Emaus do not run particularly well.

Well, I guess that kills the idea of getting Eckstein. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a year of financial austerity, and this Hu trade is consistent with that. Patience is a virtue.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas wishes

Not much Mets news recently, so maybe Santa's listening. Here's our list of wishes, Mr. Kringle, and we've been good boys and girls this year. Please consider leaving the following at Citi Field:

A starting pitcher (or two, if you're in a good mood). We'll take Chris Young or Jeff Francis. Or, maybe you can surprise us with someone from a trade. Not that beggars can be choosers, but WE DO NOT WANT FREDDY GARCIA.

A new option at second base. I mean, Castillo, Murphy, or Emaus? Really? Come on, Kris, we can do better than that. There has to be someone out there. You're Santa, you come up with something!

A healthy Beltran. Please sprinkle some magic dust on Carlos's knee, so he'll have a good year. He's a great player when healthy, so let's make him healthy.

A new home for Omar. Please, Kris, keep that man away from this team. He has done more damage to this organization than one person should be allowed. Put him on your sleigh and drop him off in Arizona, Colorado, The Bronx......

A healthy Reyes. This team goes as Reyes goes. Please keep him healthy, so not only will he do well in 2011, but also Sandy will consider extending him. Reyes is one of the faces of the franchise, we need him here, and healthy.

A health Bay. We need the 2009 version, not the 2010 version. Enough said.

A new arm or two for the pen. Seriously, look at our pen, dude. Yikes!

Okay, mom always said don't be greedy, so I'll stop here. Remember, we've all been nice this year. We'll leave cookies for ya!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ike was Christmas shopping today, unlike his employer

Ike Davis was at Citi Bank in Union Square today, signing autographs and kissing babies. It's good PR, something this franchise needs. Ike thinks the Mets have the pieces to compete now, Cliff Lee or no Cliff Lee. I agree, on some level. The Mets lineup is formidable, if everyone (Bay, Beltran, Reyes, Wright) performs to his expected level. Who will pitch? Well, they're working on Jeff Francis, and maybe Chris Young. Greinke may be available, but at $13.5M for each of the next two years, it's just not going to happen.

I'm getting the sense that the Alderson honeymoon is going to be short-lived, as more people are getting antsy over the frugal off season. I'm still on board with Sandy. Let's face facts. Omar screwed this organization. The contracts and the lack of a farm system will be his legacy. I'm done with F Mart and his injuries, and tell me about Wilmer Flores when he's old enough to shave. There are a few prospects (Mejia, Tejada, Nieuwenhuis, Gee, maybe Duda), but this organization is still ranking in the lower half of baseball for depth. Thanks, Omar. And we still hear about Omar's possibly being offered a job with the team. NOOOOO!!! We don't need a reminder of failure, we need a light of hope. Don't screw the pooch here, Sandy. Tell your boss that you don't care if Omar's on the payroll, he needs to go far way and never return.

We're down to less than 2 months to pitchers and catchers. I hate the off season, but it does seem to go fast. Hopefully, it won't be a long summer in Queens.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas to us

Now that the Cliff Lee dust has settled in our minds, let's look at some facts. First, the deck is severely stacked against the Mets (and the whole NL) next year, no question about it. The Phillies have taken a very good team, and made that team even better. Their staff is BETTER than the Braves' staff of the 90's (Glavine, Maddux, Smoltz), because the Braves rotated starters 4-5, whereas Hamels is the Phils' 4th starter.
Second, on the bright side, Oswalt, Halladay, and Lee are in their 30's (and making a lot of money), and this may come back to haunt the Phillies later. How much later? That's the question...
At the recent holiday party, Collins said that 2B will be a battle between Castillo, Murphy, and Justin Turner. I have to say, that position trouble me most (other than starting pitching). I guess I'm most disappoined that a perfect one-year stop gap, Orlando Hudson, is out there, and the Mets will once again let him slip by. Yes, we all know aboutthe budget and the $4million, or whatever number, they have to spend. But Hudson would fit nicely.
So, the Phillies have 4 potential Cy Young winners, and we have, uh.....
Happy Holidays to you, too, New York Mets.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The winter meetings are over, and...

The Mets went to Orlando, and quickly dispelled the notion that there would be any magical surprises. Their acquisitions were spartan, as expected. They did not shed any salary, as expected. The team is basically the same and will likely go to spring training that way, as expected. Here are a few thoughts on what did/did not happen.

Ronnie Paulino- this one has me scratching my head. Yes, I get that he pounds lefties, and will compliment Thole. But Paulino has a reputation for not being the hardest worker, and isn't that the image the team is trying to shake? Mr. Alderson, an explanation is needed here. I know he's more expensive, but I was really hoping for Russell Martin.

DJ Carrasco- He throws a lot of innings. "Serviceable", ok, I guess he can help. Goodness knows the bullpen is in shambles, so an innings eater may have been wise.

Boof Bosner- gotta love the name, if nothing else. This first time he blows a game, the Post will use "Boof Goofs".

They also picked up a 2B and reliever in the Rule V. That's nothing but a crap shoot. We'll see, though options at 2B are never a bad thing. It looks like Looie and Ollie will be in PSL in February. I guess the plan is to let the show their "stuff", and maybe some desperate will take them and pay a portion of their salaries. Here's hoping....

Here's the difference. If these were Omar's moves, they'd reek of incompetence, because he's incompetent. With Sandy, you may not like the modest nature of the moves, but he instills the confidence that there is a plan. And that, my friends, is called progress.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Love me, non tender...

Yesterday was the non-tender deadline. Here are some of the Mets non tenders of note (meaning they are now free agents, and that means they probably won't be back at all):

Sean Green- he's been injured, and when he's been healthy, he hasn't been very good. GOOD BYE

John Maine- a grown man who can't handle adversity. Melts faster than an ice cream cone in Mexico City in July. GOOD BYE.

Chris Carter- has no business being on an NL team. The man is perhaps the worst outfielder in baseball. He needs to DH. We don't have that in the NL. GOOD BYE.

Sandy is doing all the right things. It's a shame Tak won't be back, but I would not have given him 3 years, either. Feliciano likely will not be back. He has a lot of mileage on his arm due to Jerry's misuse. So, I say, let him go. I'd sign Okajima, since he's available due to a BoSox non tender.

Sandy says we'll have new players after next week's winter meetings. Two of them may be Jeff Francis and Chris Young. Both have high upsides, but injury histories. Get used to it. Guys coming off injuries, who will sign incentive-heavy contracts, may be all we get this winter. Either way, in Sandy I trust.

Sean Green