Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

So, now it's just never ends. Late word is that he will not play for the rest of the year (4 games), but has no structural damage. Soooo, that's good news....provided he's a Met next year (and he will be in my opinion). On the field, hats off to the boys, a nice 9th-inning win last night (first one of the year when trailing after 8). Even in game one tonight, they came back from 6-0 to Gallardo to take a 7-6 lead, before losing late. Game 2 is about to start, and Cohen just said "Dickey got his shot when the Mets idea of giving scholarships to Maine and Perez did not work." Nice, Gary!

Tejada had the game winner last night. So, is he the 2B next year? It seems Uggla and the Marlins are far apart, so if he goes FA, should the Mets get involved? Interesting thought...his numbers are slightly better than Wright's.

I really want RA to win this one tonight, and will decline the obvious Dickey/Bush jokes!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Gotta Give 'Em Credit

Well, just when you thought they had no cojones, they go to Philthy and take two of three. What's more is that they prevented gnat Victorino and Big Mouth Jimmy from celebrating at home. Nicely done, boys! This would have been an easy one to mail in, just roll over and die. But, they did not do that. Maybe it was Utley's slide, and Beltran's revenge. Who knows? But both Saturday and Sunday, the Mets made us proud. Let the Phils celebrate on the road, let their front-running fans enjoy it on tv. At least they did not do it against us.
So, Bay is done, and he says he's going to try to work out Sunday, so he goes home with a clear head (pun intended). He says he'll begin his routine earlier than usual. Go for it, Jason. Just be ready in February. We need you.
Did you watch that Yankee-Sox game Sunday night? What a downer! The Sox take the lead off of Mo in the 9th, then lose it in the 10th. If the Sox had held on, there was a real shot that this weekend at Fenway would have been for the post season. Damn! I can still hope for three and out in round one for the Bombers.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

They're tough...I guess

So tonight, the Mets beat the Phils and made the Phils' chances of clinching during this series less likely. Good...very good, in that tonight's win may prevent an awful thing for Mets fans. Now, for the Utley drama...Gee (who pitched well), did not plunk Utley. However, Beltran did go in hard at 2B, and kind of went after Valdez and Utley. This, mind you, after Valdez kicked Reyes during a take out, and that was allowed to happen without retalliation. So, here's where we of our veterans tried to do something, and after the game, comments from the Mets were that they appreciated it. Fair enough.
But here's the problem...the post-game columns are about the Mets reflecting on the need to play hard. Why do they have to reflect on that? Why isn't it instinctive, as it is for teams like the Phillies? And we're back to square one, the team needs a make-over. Some tough guys need to wear this uniform. The Mets need a Ray Knight, a Dykstra, a Kevin Mitchell. The Mets need a stronger leader in the dugout, and one in the GM chair. Yes, we all know this and seemingly unanimously agree.
Let the off season moves begin.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I can't watch

When will we get a break from the baseball powers that be? Last year's WS was Phillies/Yankees, and we thought, "ok, that was once in a lifetime, it's over." Maybe we won't see that torture again for a while, but now, we have to watch the Phillies celebrate a division title in our face. I mean, come on. Why do we deserve this? And, what's next? Our own team gives us enough to be ashamed of, and now it seems external forces are fighting us, too. Maybe this is all building our character?

So, Ollie asked for permission to play winter ball That's precious, says he wants to become a starter. Good luck with that, Ollie, in another organization.

In tonight's game, Utley knocked Tejada into left field on a DP. The Mets did NOTHING during the game, and talked tough after the game. Jerry said the guys will take care of it. DW said they will re-evaluate how they go into 2B. Oh, tomorrow will be interesting. I think the opportunity came and went. Anything they do tomorrow will seem planned. If you're tough, be tough on the spot, during the game. It seems to me they had to be told to get tough. How many times have we complained about the lack of toughness?

The only way to get tough is to bring in tough players. But, no one's written about that, right?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OMG, I agreed with Francesa

I don't like Francesa, not one little bit. But today, I listened to the Jerry report (the only 30 minutes I listen to Francesa each week), and I had to agree with his point on Torre's comments about managing the Mets. Francesa said that when you're in the public eye, especially in sports, you have to expect people to talk about your job when the end is near. It works both ways. Look at Torre...when he managed the Yankees and did so well, he used his celebrity to earn endorsement after endorsement (we all know what kind of tea he likes). So, when you're equally in the public eye (Jerry) and you fail miserably at your job, you get the other side, people talk about your failure and ask for your job. Like I said yesterday, deal with it, Jerry.

Towers is gone, and the Mets have lost out on a great potential GM candidate. Another mistake the organization has perfected...waiting around with lame ducks. What good does it do? The team flounders, moves are not made, and it becomes a PR disaster. Tell me, why, if we're all right and the decision was made on Jerry and Omar months ago, did they finish the season? If there's a point to it, PLEASE fill me in. And I know about interviewing requirements, but they do not apply to internal candidates. So if it's going to be Wally, why isn't he in yet? If it's going to be Ricco, why isn't he in yet?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't do it to me again...

Ok, so the talk was that Omar is a goner after this season. That Jeff wants to do something "drastic", and that Omar's presence would be awkward for a new GM. Now today, I read that Omar's fate is not yet determined, and he may remain in some capacity. Let's go back to August of last year. After the Bernazard thing, all the talk was that Omar was out, and Ricco was in. I bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate....and then, Omar was back. DON'T DO THIS TO YOUR FAN BASE, JEFF. OMAR HAS TO GO.

I will not deny that I have screamed for Omar's firing for years. He has made some good moves (Dickey, Pedro, Beltran) but his inability to make in-season moves, his saddling the organization with bad contracts, and his poor player development all spell what should be his end. And, the minor league system is NOT full of talent, don't be fooled. Who knows what Tejada will give you, or Flores, or Nieuwenhuis, or Mejia. These guys are not "can't miss" until they burn up AA and AAA, and they have not. Duda is a one-dimensional player, and I don't see him as a big leaguer. Why are Mets prospects "good field, no glove" or "power hitters with no position"? Where is our Mike Stanton, or Dominic Brown?

Anyway, Omar gave a 47-year-old man a TWO YEAR contract in a league with no DH. His ledger is heavily imbalanced to the negative. I want to pop my champagne, Jeff. Getting rid of him is the first step to recovery.

Jerry's offended by Torre's comments about wanting to manage? Hey Jerry, you're in the public eye, you've been given more lives than a cat, you failed, you will be gone, people will talk. Deal with it. But relax, you only have 2 more weeks.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Something's cooking

There's something to this Torre thing, I'm convinced of it. Tonight, at over-the-top Yankee Stadium, Joe says he'll "definitely listen" if the Mets call You almost get the idea that he's subtly campaigning for the job. Understandably, the new GM (and there better be a new GM!) will have a say, but Joe has a strong relationship with the Wilpons, and we know that counts. I know some say "hell no" to Joe, but I say not so fast. He can mentor his replacement, folks. He can give us a decent post-game presser, and he has a pulse. I'd be happy with Backman, Mazz, any breathing person after Jerry. Let's see what happens.

I hated getting swept by the Braves.
I hated that the Mets honored Bobby Cox even more. This is NOT a nice man. He has had domestic abuse issues, he whines about every call, his act is just old now. Plus, he's killed us over the years. GOOD BYE BOBBY. PLEASE DON'T EVER COME BACK FOR A FAREWELL TOUR.

Thank you, Bobby


Random Mets Thoughts

PS- It is KILLING me to watch Braves-Phils, knowing there's no way they can both lose.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Would you root for a team managed by this man?

Ok, well, many of us think it'll be Backman. Some hope it'll be Valentine. And with yesterday's news of his leaving LA to Mattingly next year, the speculation (aided by Joe himself) is beginning that we could see Torre II Now my first reaction was "too old, and been there, done that." Now that I've mulled it over a bit, I submit the following:
The Mets need PR, and Joe helps sell tickets, and more importantly, he can adeptly handle press conferences every day, a vital first step to changing the image of this club.
Joe as manager, Wally as bench coach, Joe mentors Wally. Think about it. Wally needs "polish". He needs to know how to handle NY as a manager. Is there a better mentor alive than Torre? He did it for Mattingly...
Now, I know Joe will want big bucks. And I know that his return to Queens is unlikely, but geez, if you think about it, doesn't it make sense? It's growing on me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

That's a good one!

And the laugh of the day comes from none other than Luis Castillo Apparently, Luis thinks his Met days are drawing to a close. Ya think, Luis?? He says with the youth movement, he needs to go somewhere and play. I think we agree with you on that one, Luis.
I'll take the sweep, even if it is the Bucs. It's nice to be over .500, though that may be short-lived with the desperate Braves in town this weekend. In March, I said 83-79, third place. Right now, that's possible (they are tied with Florida for third). But, they have 6 of the last 15 with Atlanta and Philadelphia, so it may be tough.
Lots of talk on the GM/Manager combo for 2011. In the perfect world, I'd want Towers/Valentine, but something tells me it'll be Ricco/Backman. Either way, you won't hear a complaint from me. The Minaya/Manuel regime is about over, and I truly believe that is the first step to recovery.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

K Rod literally out of the picture

You just can't make this stuff up. The team picture was today, and Johan and K Rod were not there, for different reasons. Johan will be air-brushed in... Why does this team lead with its jaw? Why do they set themselves up for ridicule? Oy....

Mejia goes out after 2.1 innings with an injury. No one knows what it is yet, but what do we expect? If we ever got "good news", I think we'd all be in shock. Let's see what the crack medical staff says is wrong with Mejia, can't wait for this one.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So, Johan trusted the medical staff?

So, the Mets say Johan's surgery was successful , and now the clock starts toward recovery. Of course, will that be April 1 against Florida, or the all-star break? Does anyone trust that the Mets medical staff can get JS ready? Remember, they had a tough time with pink eye this spring.

On a more positive note, next year's schedule is out The interleague games are with Texas, Anaheim (or whatever they're called today), Detroit, and Oakland. Of course there are 6 games with the other NY team. Have I ever written how much I hate interleague play? It unfairly affects division races, and it's just dumb.

K Rod texted his girlfriend 56 times after being told to have no contact with her. It just gets worse for this guy...

RA threw a gem vs. the Bucs tonight, and now they're talking about whether or not he deserves a contract next year. HELL YEAH! The guy has been the second best pitcher on the staff! Give him a one or two year deal, he has earned it.

I wish we could play the Pirates 18 more times, instead of interleague play. Man, are they bad.

Can the Mets finish .500? 2 more with Pittsburgh, 3 with Washington and 4 with the Brew Crew...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Get out your chemistry set

Nice win today, guys. It's nice to see Big Pelf get number 14. He'll end up with 15 or more, and when all is said and done, that's pretty good. Of course, like any Met, there are always caveats, because nothing can be "good". Pelf was up and down, and had some really embarrassing starts. So, even though he'll have a respectable record, we're still left to wonder what we will get next year. Not to mention, the pressure will be on, since you know Johan will miss time.

Other topics, Bill Madden wrote a piece that you can read here He suggest that the best combination for next year is Towers/Mazz. Now, I bet you haven't given Mazz a lot of thought since his SNY gig. But, as Madden points out, he did quite a job with the O's, and he has Met and NY pedigree. I did not realize he left the O's over the Palmiero thing. Anyway, I do think the fans would rally around Mazz, not as much as Bobby V., but they'd rally. And the Backman idea, while I like it, I'm not sure the Wilpons have the stomach for him and the constant watch the media would have over him. I'd sign for Towers now, who Madden points out, did a lot with a little as he built the Padres. The Mets may not have "a little" by technical definition, but they will be hamstrung by eating some or all of several bad contracts.

Anyway, this is going to be one interesting off season. From Ollie/Looie to K Rod and beyond, who knows what will happen. It all starts with the GM/Manager combo. The chemistry has to be there. Do we trust Jeff to make the right choice, the right critical choice?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Say it ain't so, Johan!

Read it and weep, fellow fans, the ace has gone down. What else? Can we really believe that the misfortune is over? I can't. The most troubling thing is the uncertainty of the recovery. Some say 24 weeks. Some say that this injury is uncommon for pitchers, so it is a big unknown. Regardless, there's no way that Johan can be counted in for opening day. And on a team that does not seem inclined to spend money this off season, this is particularly damaging. Not to mention, this is 3 years in a row that Johan ends the season with a surgety-requiring injury. Ohhhhh boy!
Well, I got a call today for my "consolation" free tickets. The question is, is this team worth that price?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Only The Mets

Only The Mets can take something like visiting wounded vets at Walter Reed and turn it into a fiasco. What the hell is up with this organization? All but 4 players go. Dillon Gee, the starter that night, was told not to go (makes sense). But Ollie, Castillo, and Beltran do not join the rest of the team. Castillo says seeing that type of thing would bother him....
Ollie refuses to talk about it...
Beltran says he had a meeting of his foundation to discuss building schools in PR...

But isn't it odd that these 3 guys have gripes with the organization and/or the fans? Their Walter Reed snub certainly bothered Jeff Wilpon. Two of the three will not be here next year. I'm sure the Mets would love to make it 3 of 3, but no one is going to take (and pay) Beltran.

But what matters here is that this organization just cannot get out of its own way. No matter what, it finds a way to embarrass itself. If the first 1,000 reason were not enough, here is one more reason why personnel changes are needed. The mix has to change. There are too many malcontents. To that point, a young, un-named Met recently said that some in the clubhouse are ho-hum about losing. Further, this un-named Met was chastised for speaking out.

I say don't chastise him, listen to him! It is blaringly obvious to us, the fan base.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In the key of "G"

How about Mr. Gee? He tosses 7 innings of 1-run ball, and drives in a run! And to thank him for his good work, Jerry pulls him after 86 pitches. What? Come on, Jerry! Well, I guess we only have 3 and half more weeks for Jerry, and for this we are thankful. Bobby O says pulling him was the right thing to do, as the Nats were squaring him up in the 7th. I would have liked to see him go after the CG, but we'll take the "W" and move on.

DW has an injured ring finger on his left hand. That balck cloud just won't leave this team...

Reyes may be back tomorrow, but then again, he might not.

OK, this is the best license plate ever. A New York plate with "86WSG6E3". It just does not get better than that!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Says it all-ugh!

I think we all feel like this guy after today's pounding at the hands of the last-place Nats. Big Pelf continued his Jekyl and Hyde season, with a dreadful performance. The Mets were ahead 3-0 in the 3rd, but the big guy let it get away fast, losing 13-3. Who is this guy Pelfrey? Bobby O asked that question in the post game, and I echo the question. Is this guy a legit number 2 or 3, or is he an emotionally fragile, enigmatic hurler who will always be just that? There was talk last week about putting all the names out there this winter, Pelfrey's name should be one of them. Maybe a new pitching coach could help if Pelf is still here, but it is getting difficult to watch him.
Another issue...Jerry took Pelf out in the 4th. When Jerry got to the mound, there was no talk, Pelf just looked out toward center field. Pelf says he was not snubbing the soon-to-be ex manager, but it certainly looked as though he was. And herein lies the problem. No one on that team respects Jerry. It is obvious he has less than 4 weeks to wear the uniform. And so I say once again, if Wally is the guy, put him in once the Brooklyn season (and playoffs) are over. It'll sell some tickets, give him a chance to do some evaluations, and stop this all-too-apparent look of a team with no leader.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I demand saliva tests!

Wow! Mets have 18 hits and lead 16-5! I think they may actually win this one. At least they avoid a sweep. At this point, my only hope is for a .500 season. To do that, they'll need to be 4 over .500 the rest of the way. They do play Washington, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee, so I'm not ruling it out. But, let's face it, it's a long shot.

Mets say Santana is "fine", but the fact that he threw 4 hours ago and they have not said he'll start on Tuesday is concerning. Actually, I'm more concerned that Jerry said it was his shoulder Thursday night, until spin doctor Jay Horowitz yelled "pectoral" during the post-game presser. I guess we'll know fo sho during the post game show.

Nick Evans is back. When will the Mets realize this guy is NOT a major leaguer?

Tejada has a dinger today and 5 RBIs. Good, he still needs a full season at AAA.

Niese has not looked sharp in a while. I'd like to see them keep using him, so he can go into the off-season having figured out his issues (hopefully) vs. wondering what happened.

Sign of the times...I put my Mets-Phils tix for Saturday up for sale on Stub Hub. Phillie fans are the worst, and there will be plenty of them there. I'll go for the last game of my plan, Oct. 2, to bid Jerry and Omar farewell.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It wasn't knuckling

Oh well, when the knuckler does not knuckle, you get pounded. Too bad RA wasn't at his best yesterday, because the Mets cracked the code and actually scored 6 runs. Yes, 6 runs, including an HR from DW and one from Luis Hernandez. But Soriano provided the death blow with a lead-changing HR in the fourth, and Dickey was again bitten by the long ball in the 6th. At least the Mets showed some fight, crawling from 7-4 to 7-6, but alas, they would get no closer.

Other thoughts:

Mejia's first start today. Who knows what we'll get? But I must say, it gives us reason to watch.

Duda has not impressed me.

I can see why Texas DFA'ed Arias.

Parnell is maddening to watch. With that stuff, he should mow them down like John Deere.

I have not read this anywhere, but I would not be surprised if Backman takes over this month. They did it with Bobby V in 1996. It would make sense. The minor league season would be over, and why not let Wally see what he has, or more appropriately, does not have. Jeff did meet with Wally this week, hmm....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just press "play"

No, not the Aerosmith album, Jerry after every Mets loss. It works just like a tape recorder....
The other team's pitcher was Cy Young. Even if the guy is making his first big-league start, or has a 6 ERA, he's Cy Young.
We put some good at-bats on him, of course, we had 2 hits, but we put good at-bats on him.
We executed well. We turned a double play in the fifth!
I feel that the offense is going to come around. Just give it a few more seasons, and we'll break out.
Everybody is hustling, trying really hard. We just don't win.
This is what's left. Laughing at the manager is now the raison d'etre. The product on the field is putrid, that's the only word. They have given up, and they should be ashamed of themselves. And the funniest part of all?
Jerry wants to know if he's coming back next year! ROFLMAO!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bye Bye, Frenchy

Say "goodbye" to Jeff Francouer. All the haters out there say "good riddance". I disagree. Was Frenchy the best RF in baseball? Not even close. But what are the alternatives for the rest of the year? Carter? Are you kidding? Hey haters, Frenchy could make a daily contribution with the glove and arm, Carter can't even do that. They were going to non-tender him anyway, so why make the product on the field in September that much worse? Joaquin Arias, so to get this guy (who seems to have little value), we have to watch Carter play RF. Lovely.

So they did it to make room for Duda? Nope. September 1st, so Duda could have been called up. Oh well, let's just give away another month, and to all of us who hold tickets, too bad. A few more thoughts:

Ike was called up too early. The question now is how much damage is being done to him. He seems to K 3 times per game, and he has holes in his swing. We could have tolerated Jacobs to get Ike a few months in AAA.

Tejada is not ready, and is probably being damaged, too.

Mejia will start Saturday. No idea what to expect there.

This team may struggle to win 75 games. They may not be able to go 10-20 over the last 30. They are lifeless, and have quit again this year.

"Omar has to step up". Jeff said it 10/5/2009. So, will he be back? How could that be justified? They'll find a way.