Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can it be?

Could it be Bobby II? According to Metsblog and Peter Gammons, maybe http://bit.ly/d1nPmm . Wow, for one, I'd be shocked. I didn't think the Wilpons had the stomach for Bobby. I thought it was Wally all the way. But I'd be happy with Bobby. Hell, I'd be happy with any change right now!

Watching tonight's game and Luis's misplay of the DP ball, reminds me of how much it hurts to watch this team. Of course, this game means nothing in the standings (for the Mets), but you just hate to look like crap in the process of losing. And then another GS...can it get any worse? I'm sure somehow it can.

30 more to go, 30 more until Bobby II? Hmm....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A little room for cream...

24 straight days within a game of .500. The definition of mediocrity, that's what the New York Mets are. 80% of the way through the season, they're half up, and half down. As Cher said in "The Witches of Eastwick", "You're not even interesting enough to make me sick." And the beat goes on...or does it?

They are about to go to Atlanta (4), Chicago (3) and DC (3). They could go n the tank, and .500 would be a distant memory. We'll see...

Reyes is still reporting pain, will we see him again? Should we? Bay has begun working out. OK, I think that it is important for JB to back on the field, so he does not have doubts going into the off season.

Good to see Pagan getting some hits. And "THE MAN" RA went out there today and got it done! One thing, the rotation for next year looks good, but the question is, who will the other 20 guys be?

Welcome to the Windy City (south side therein) Manny! #Dodgers #WhiteSox #MLB

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ho Hum

This is, unfortunately, what it has become. Think about it. A 2-1 win last night in late August, and the game ends with the tying run on second, on a K. Exciting, right? Wrong. There is just nothing to be excited about. There is no zip, no "let me put the Braves on and see if they're losing". It all just does not matter. And it's sad. I'm going tonight, as part of my Saturday (but we force you to buy weeknight games too) plan. I'm going to enjoy a late-summer night and see Johan, but I should be going to be crazy wild over a pennant race.

Yesterday, I gave my 4-step plan to get things going. Here, http://bit.ly/9htSla in the Daily News. Smith gives his plan. While we agree on the "firey manager" (did he steal that from me?), we disagree on many points. He says Omar could stay if he presents a plan. I say he's had 5 years to do that, GOOD BYE. Smith also says to trade the "core". I say you'd be selling them all for 50 cents on the dollar, what are you going to get back that would make you competitive? Bad idea to break up the core right now. Build around them, and then if someone's value goes up and you can bring back comparable talent, maybe make a deal. Ah, isn't baseball fun?

My favorite moment of the week. In Omar's conference on his job status, he says "we have to try to win games. You never know what can happen. We're still in the race". He then adds when asked about picking up someone on waivers, "we have to be realistic about where we are in the standings".

So, I think I've got it. We're in the race when we want you to spend your money on tickets, but we're not in the race when we have to spend our money to get better.

Omar's been around a while, I actually can decipher his nonsense.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Why us?

Ok, so, we all think it. This organization has a black cloud hanging over it, and something has to change. It can either change on its own over time, or there can be an intervention. Personally, I'm hoping for the second one. Either way, why us, why us? Let's look at a few examples...

Bay gets a concussion, and may miss over 2 months, the rest of the season.
Reyes re-injures an oblique. This after a thyroid condition in the spring, how many 27-year-olds have thyroid conditions?
The closer goes ballistic, and gets arrested at the ballpark.
A starting pitcher, making tons of money, refuses to try to get better, and sits idly in the bullpen.
Last year, the whole damn team gets hurt.
Add to all of this the horrors on the field.

Let's get back to the change. I think the Mets believe that time heals everything, and will go into watchful waiting. Hope has been their strategy. I say "spare us this nonsense".

Should they do something radical, like pick up Reyes's option and trade him? Trade Santana? Trade DW? I say no to all of these. What better players can they get, you have to replace these guys. Don't forget that.

I say step one-get rid of Omar. For every Dickey move, he has 3 bad ones. Enough. Goodbye.

Step two- get a firey manager. Time to change the personality in the dugout.

Step three- sell us prospects when they are prospects. Tejada is overmatched, he is not a big league prospect yet. Ike needed more time in AAA. He has way too many holes in his swing to be considered a top prospect.

Step four- get a leader. You can't make DW a leader, it's not his way. It wasn't Piazza's either, and he is headed to Cooperstown. Get someone with swagger, attitude. Make a deal, sign a free agent. But bring some swagger to this team.

No charge for this advice.

Welcome to the Mets, CONNECTICUT native, Matt Harvey http://bit.ly/92d8NB

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Says it all

4-0 lead to trailing 9-4 in less time than it takes to say "Fire Jerry". But, didn't you just see it coming? All those LOBs, throw in a bad call, and the whole thing is a disaster. Hanley loves it, and I think he needs to taste some dirt. And the piece-de-resistance? Reyes is out, and it does not sound good.

Good Lord....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How about that?

OK, guess the theme. If you're under 35, don't even try! The Kingsmen did the song "Looie, Looie", and our Luis was the hero last night (or at least one of them). How funny was that? Here's archenemy #2 getting the job done in walk-off fashion. A few people have pointed out (and I agree) that Luis seemed rather subdued after the hit, his body language expressing "Screw this, I don't want to be here". Ya know what Luis? Nice job, and the feeling is still mutual.

They're 7 out in the wildcard- I have not given up.

Bobby O made a great point tonight in the pre-game. He said guys like Tejada and Mejia are not ready. They both have huge holes that will continue to be exposed in the big leagues, until they refine their games. I AGREE, BOBBY! That's why you have AAA. It's one thing when a guy rips up AAA and goes through the expected struggles in the big leagues. It's another when guys are overmatched. Our guys seem to be the second one.

Gotta love Francessa. "That 2000 Met team had great talent, their infield was great. They had Olerud at first and he hit over .300". Uh, Mr. Pope, Olerud was in Seattle in 2000. I wonder if Mike has learned that on a base appeal, there is no such thing as a dead ball?

Coop, author of My Summer Family, called for a sit out of tonight's game. She's gotten some press! http://yhoo.it/dmglvk

Monday, August 23, 2010

The crying has begun

Well, what do we have here? Yesterday, as Barajas was leaving, an "anonymous Met" said "I wish I could go with him". So, the dissention is kicking in. Of course, I wonder who that was. I'm sure we're all wondering that. It does not do any good to speculate, so I won't. But I do think the organization should try to identify this person, and try to accommodate him, if at all possible. Now, if it's Santana, Wright, or Reyes, that may be tough. But we've all wondered when the craziness would take a toll. Wonder no more.

So what about far-reaching impact? Do free agents out there say "I'm not going there"? Do "core guys" follow suit, and ask to be dealt? Where is this all going?

This leads us to the inevitable question. Have we weathered the storm, and as I speculated before, is the K Rod thing the last straw, and things will start to change? Or, are we on the verge of the late 70's all over again, where we're condemned to 5+ years of horror? I hope it's not the latter. I'm holding on to the idea of Niese, Ike, Pagan, Wright, Reyes, etc. But can't you see the other alternative coming to fruition? No money to spend, no trades to make, great seats at Citi...

If it is the latter, we'll all look like today's picture.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Now I'm REALLY mad...

So. HoJo yells at them, and they start to hit (well, does it count if you hit vs. the Pirates?). Good for HoJo, but I'll ask the question of the day....where was this vigor all year? Why show some moxy when there are 40 games left? If only....well, today, it does not seem to be working, as they're down 2-1 in the 8th. Poor Johan, how much more of this does he have to take? Doesn't it seem like this is the case every time he pitches?

Bye to Rod Barajas. I guess that's ok, carrying three catchers is absolutely absurd. Barajas had a one-year deal, so why not clear him out and bring up a position player? There have been some rumors of another deal with the Pirates, but so far nothing more on that.

I read that only twice in Mets history had they won 2 rain-shortened games in one season (07 being the most recent). Remember the "we believe in 8 inning games" commercial? How about "we believe in rain-shortened games, as long as we're ahead"?

If they can't sweep the Bucs in a desperation game, they should hang their heads in shame.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Counterfeit Bucs

The Pirates are awful. They're so bad, they made Big Pelf puke! But a win is a win, and we'll take it. Other than Pelf, the most positive signs from last night were as follows:

Ike hit the ball well- I was getting concerned
Tejada had some good ABs, I was getting concerned there, too
Parnell was in the high 90s
Reyes is hot as a firecracker
Beltran had a key hit

But isn't this a typical .500 team? Aren't they a .500 team by definition? After a win, you say, Hmm....maybe there is some thing here." After a loss, you say, "they freakin' suck!". And it is a day-to-day proposition. As Parcells has said, you are what your record says you are.

One thought, when you see the rotation, you have to have somewhat of a good feeling about this team. JS, Dickey, Pelf, Niese, Misch/whoever...it really isn't bad. In chatting with a good buddy of mine last night, we agreed that if the plan is to pursue dumping Frankie, you have to let Parnell close every game from here out. You need to have a closer, and if it's Parnell-fine. But use the opportunity to let him grow into the role.

I still say Frankie is back. The union will win (Chacon case notwithstanding), and the Mets will not eat the money.

We'll see...

Friday, August 20, 2010

I can't figure it out

How can they be so inept offensively? Look at the lineup, you have Pagan, Reyes, Wright, I mean those guys alone give you some credibility. WTF? They scored two runs on balls that stayed in the infield last night, and had 3 hits all night. Jerry called them "pathetic". It's about time somebody did. I just don't get it.

I'm done with Carter (not that I ever liked him anyway). We don't have a DH in this league, and the guy is dreadful in the outfield. He can't run, either. People say F Mart instead of Frenchy, I say F Mart instead of Carter. Why are we wasting time with this guy?

Nice to see Luis in the 2 hole last night, where he adds so much value. Are you kidding? Did you see his AB with Reyes on second. Looked like he was playing badminton. If he is going to play, bury him 8th where he gets the fewest ABs possible.

Barajas really looked ready for the game at the ML level last night, huh? Geez. I guess he's on waivers and can be dealt. With Varitek on the DL, I think Rod may be on the Amtrak soon.

I'm disgusted with this team today, can you tell? The Bucs are 40-80. Can the Mets win this series? I'm not counting on it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Midnight Madness

Nice job last night, guys. I gave up after 11, and checked my cell phone at 3:30 am. I was in shock! I fully expected them to lose. But, you know, this is the story of the season. Win a nice one, lose one you should win, the beat goes on...

Barajas is up and playing over Thole. Why does this team carry 3 catchers? This is the flippin NL! We need versatile players, exactly who does not get that?

F Mart goes down. You know, I have never been a fan. I just don't see any fire in this kid. Am I wrong?

It was terrible to see RA not get the win. Did you know he's very close to being able to qualify for the ERA lead? I'd love to see him get it.

Finally, Clemens may do 15-21 months for lying to Congress. HAHAHA!! Go to jail, you TOOL! The fact that his legacy will be one of shame is AWESOME!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


TAK! Yes, Niese was great (this is becoming a nice habit), but I was really into Tak's performance last night. I'm not saying the guy is the next Mariano, but he has ice water in his veins, and seems to be able to handle the role. It was a calm, efficient, ninth, just like what we're used to, right??

News of the day...K Rod is on the disqualified list, and the Mets have turned his contract into a non-guaranteed deal. This means that he will not be paid for the rest of the year, and could be cut next year, without the Mets needing to pay him. BUT, the union can and will appeal, and before we get too giddy, let's see how that goes. Give the Mets credit, they said they would act, and they did so quickly. I don't know why, but I just have a feeling that the Wilpons are FINALLY sick and tired of being laughed at, and things may start to change. From my keyboard to God's ears!

Tonight it is JS vs. Nelly. I have had about enough of Nelly. I rooted hard for him, but he ran his mouth a little too much for my liking. Hey Nelly, you've been released so many times because YOU'RE A MARGINAL PITCHER. It's not the Mets fault, dude. Look in the mirror, and you'll see the person responsible for your being released over and over again.

I want to sweep this series. I'm greedy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

How Low Can They Go?

There's a place up ahead and I'm going, leave the sinking ship behind....

With a "thank you" to CCR, I ask if it can get any worse. A homestand where they score 9 runs in 6 games, and now the closer is done for the year after tearing up his thumb beating the tar out of the grandpa of his kids. Funny, I was there Saturday night and he pitched...but I digress. The key question now is if the contract can be voided, I promise you that they're looking into it. If they do get out of the contract, they'll have $12 million more next year, but who would close? We can't forget that little detail.

It really sucked losing two out of three to the Phillies. And unto anyone who says "they play for Jerry", what team are you watching? This team has looked DEAD for weeks. And that tired old line about how the opposing pitcher was Cy Young...Paaaleeeese. All of a sudden Kyle Kendrick is Bob Gibson of 1968? Come on...this team barely shows up every night. They were absolutely lifeless last night. To add to that, before the game, Jerry says that it is an important game to start the "run". And they respond by playing effortless baseball. No, they don't play for Jerry. Jerry has no effect on this team, and now all reports are that the team is falling apart in the clubhouse.

Some of my buddies, and people who write other blogs, are saying it would be better if they lose every game for the rest of the year, so maybe the whole thing will be torn apart. I'm not sure that would cause the upheaval. I'm not sure anything will.

I, for the first time ever, don't know what to think. After last year, I thought Jerry and Omar would go. How could they survive that? But they came back. Nothing would surpprise me now. If Jeff, in his yearly apology, says Jerry and Omar are coming back, I'd just shrug my shoulders. They're the Mets. It has become too easy, and too true, to say that.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The circus is in town!

What act was that on the field last night? I upgraded my Saturday seats for one night and sat in the left-field landing. What a great view of the ball going through Wright's legs! I'm so glad I dropped the extra coin...I mean, seriously guys, what the hell? Don't you think you need to bring your A game against Halladay? What was that, your D game? Now for the reality of it...they would have lost 1-0 anyway, in all likelihood. The Phils' first run was earned, and after the Reyes triple and his being stranded there through Pagan, Wright, and Beltran, I think we all knew it was over. Two out of three ain't bad, so let's try to pound Kendrick tonight and take the series.

K Rod...I guess he could not have done/said more than that. He is in the midst of a legal proceeding, so I'm sure he had a lawyer-mandated gag order. As for Jerry's using him in the ninth, he had to get in sometime, so why not? If he's on the roster, use him. Let us not forget, the Mets play with 23 guys every night, the team isn't good enough for that, let alone 22.

Davidoff was just on the WFAN. He says next year the combo will be Ricco/Backman. Sign me up for that one.

After tonight, 10 of the next 13 against Houston and Pittsburgh. Hmm...they should go 8-2 vs. Houston/Pitt, but what will they do? I say 5-5, because they're the Mets, and they are a .500 team. Oh well, the beat goes on...

Saturday, August 14, 2010


R.A. Dickey is the KING! How can you not root for this guy? He tried to be a conventional pitcher, and it didn't work. So, he goes to the minors to refine his craft (are you listening, Ollie??) and he comes back at 35, a revamped pitcher. He is gritty. He competes. He refuses to give up on himself, or his team. Oh yeah, and he has no ulnar nerve in his elbow. Whew! The man rocks, and I would proudly buy my daughter a "43" jersey. It will be pleasure to watch him next year for a full season. The 18 shutouts by the staff lead MLB, and it does give us something to be proud of in this otherwise dismal season.

Luis wants to be traded? LOL!! Dude, we want to trade you! Newsflash, no one wants you!! It's not 2003 any longer, Luis. How about you and Ollie shutting your mouths and collecting your checks until we find a way to set you free? What is with these guys and their over-inflated senses of self? Frenchy says he's not a platoon player, Ollie refuses to go to AAA, etc. Good Lord...which brings me back to this. We need stronger leadership in this organization, from Jeff, to Omar, to the manager's chair.

This should be an interesting off season. One last thing, I'm really sick of Hard Knocks and Jet hype.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Enough of K Rod already! Though I will add that, for some strange reason, I still like Frenchy. But his, "maybe that's what we needed" comment about the incident was very inappropriate. I mean, come on, Frenchy. WFAN was priceless today. People saying "eat the contract, let K Rod go" (yeah, the Mets eat contracts all the time, go back to Neptune, please). Others saying "it's no big deal, men fight, it's what they do, let it go" (oh yeah, real 28-year-old men beat up 53 year-old men, who happen to be their "wife's" father). The Mets brought it on themselves. Personally, I'm impressed by that powerful statement by Jeff...

On to baseball...some guy called WFAN from south Jersey, promising a Phillie sweep. In that HORRIFIC Philly accent, "We've got Hammels, Halladay..." Ok, please God, let us take the series. If for no other reason, to shut those morons up. I will be at Citi tomorrow night, and I'll have to deal with them in person. The only way to quiet them is to beat them. I never, ever, thought I would say this, but I'd rather see the Braves win it. But, with Chipper gone, they may not hold on. The thought of Philly taking 4 division titles in a row is nauseating. So again, PLEASE, Lord, give me two out of three this weekend.

Frenchy is in there tonight, let's see if he can go yard again off Cole. Let's also hope that R.A. has the pitch dancing. I think last Sunday was a blip on the radar, we'll see.

One more thing, can we go easy on what a warrior CC is for "toughing out the heat at his weight"? I mean, is it our fault he's 290, or that's what they say he weighs? Final point, is it me, or does it seem like the Yankees are always in the "soft part of their schedule"?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why do they make it so hard?

I've been through 1979, when they drew 600,000. I went through the early 80p's, with George (I don't want to be here) Bamberger. I tolerated 1992 and 1993, with bleach squirting and firecrackers. I lived through 2003 and 2004, with that human disgrace managing the team. But, this may take the cake.

Not only is the team in a free fall, they make it embarrassing to wear your Mets gear. For the first time, I don't want to go to the gym in Mets clothes. Johan (by the way, GREAT job on the mound today) can't control his urges, and Frankie can't keep his family problems at home. Think about it, our closer spent the night in a holding cell, at Citi Field. Wow, just WOW!! And today he was arraigned and goes back to court 9/14. He's on the restricted list-will he ever pitch for the Mets again? Do we want him to?

How much worse can it get? They play with 23 guys every night (Castillo and Perez don't count). They refuse to eat bad contracts, and seem to have no interest in getting better. Their GM can't put s sentence together. The owner is in hiding. WHAT THE HELL???

Where do they go from here? One thing for sure, they have to clean this up. It's hard enough for them in NY with those other guys winning every day. Add in the off-field nonsense, and what valid reason do people have to follow them, and spend money on them? This could be a defining moment for this franchise. They either have been sufficiently embarrassed to radically change things, or they could sit by and watch their fan base erode.

Which is it going to be, Jeff? Your product is starting to smell like garbage in July.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Woo-hoo, I think...

That was nice by Big Pelf. I should be really excited, but why am I not? I mean, they're still in it, sort of. They have 20 in a row vs. Houston and Pittsburgh coming up. They play well at home...so where's my energy? And, where's the energy at Citi? It looked pretty empty last night, and it also seemed the Gary and Ron were more into talking to Woody Johnson (about that over-played Revis story) than enthusiastic about the game.

Is it that we sense the end has arrived? Are we just plain sick and tired of being also-rans? Are we sending a message to Jeff, and would he even realize it? Hmm...

A few thoughts:

If Misch starts Saturday, someone must go. Ollie? Pleeease, Ollie?
I like Hessman, perfect bench guy who's happy just to be here.
I still like Frenchy, and I have no idea why.
Castillo has made two nice plays tonight, trade him NOW while he has value.
I like Thole.
I think Tejada is overmatched offensively, but brings a good glove.
I have never worn a jersey with a player's name on the back, but if I were to do so, it would be "Dickey". That guy is awesome, even though he stunk on Sunday.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh well

So, the "must roadtrip" end up 2-4. Seriously, are you surprised? How could you be? The "youth movement" paid off, a little. If not for Tejada's D, it would have been 1-5. Anyway, the moral victory speech after the game made me ill. We battled, we fought, we put good at-bats on him....thanks, Art (I mean Jerry).

Is anyone going to be at Citi for the next month and a half? Seriously, anybody? It's sad, but here's what I'm holding on to. A few guys have cleared or will clear waivers Monday. Maybe there is a deal in the offing. I do believe in change for the sake of change at times. Now is that time.

I was sorry to see Cora go. He's a consumate pro, in my mind. He also is not the problem, not even close. He was released, like Livan was last year, before a vesting option kicked in.

And the Wilpons don't have money issues, right? To use my daughter's term- LOL!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don't tease me, please

Last night, with Niese throwing very well, I started to thnk. Well, if we win here, and the Braves lose, we're 7 out. That would, or could, be a start. Then, the 8th inning, and as I watched the disaster unfold, I asked myself whom I was kidding. This team is what it is. It'll play well for a while, then stink, but one thing for sure, when the pressure is on, they'll melt like an ice cream cone in July. It's all a tease.

Then, after the game, you hear that Tejada and Martinez were scratched from the Buffalo game. Hmm....maybe a trade. Then you hear they're talking to Seattle. Hmm...the M's were looking to dump Figgins, and how nice would he look at 2B? Well, maybe when they get home, Luis will be gone and Figgins at 2B....then reality. Now I read that those guys were never put on waivers, and cannot be dealt. Lovely...so, they're on the way to Philly. That means two players are out. Which two? Can it be our two favs? Would it be nice to DFA Castillo and Ollie? But now I hear the Mets have no plan to do that. The moves may be Frenchy and Feliciano, who have cleared waivers. What value could be coming back? Answer: NONE.

It'll be more of the same. It's all a tease.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Aren't we all shaking our heads today? I mean, you get a huge, and I mean HUGE, win Tuesday night. Then Wednesday, you not only lose, you look bad in the process! What? How does this happen? They made 4 errors, they looked flat, Pelfrey looked dreadful, and there were questionable managerial decisions (why is Tak warming up if he's not coming in to face McCann?). Every time you want to believe in this team, and get a little motivated, they show their ugly side.

I have friends who say they can't take it anymore. They won't watch or attend any games for the rest of the year. I don't subscribe to that, I will watch right up to the last game of the season, and go to the games left in my Saturday plan. But I could almost understand the thinking. It's not even so much that they lose. The bigger issue, to many people, is that they don't try to help themselves. The manager is the same, the players and coaches are the same, and today Fred indicates that the GM will be back. So, exactly what button is being pressed to make things better? What is the reason to believe here? I'll never stop, but many will.

Citi may be empty in the two months ahead. It's sad more than anything else. It does not have to be this way. But, it is. And we can't do anything about it. Why didn't I get interested in comic books instead?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Win, but...

It was a great win Tuesday night. I don't care how much you like or don't like him, Frenchy is the most popular guy on the team to his mates. It wasn't just a win, it was an emotional win. K Rod did not even walk the bases loaded, he went 1-2-3! But that win is only as good as what happens tonight. The Mets need to win series, and tonight is huge.

There is no time for savoring emotional victories. With a third of the season left, the Mets have painted themselves into a corner. Get out there and win tonight guys, then off to Philly.

Time is getting short.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Come get some

After watching last night's game, with the uninspired play, I'm convinced the Mets have none of these.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A few of my least favorite things

I'm in a foul mood, so here are some things that bug me...

People who say "you can make trades after July 31". Hello, that's the waiver period. That means if you want a guy, he has to be placed on waivers, and every team with a worse record than you has to pass on him in order for you to be able to trade for him. The result? You get GARBAGE. By definition, you get what other teams do not want. Remember Shawn Green and Guillermo Mota? Waiver deals, remember Spezio's at bat in the 2006 NLCS? Green and Mota turned it into a triple. See the point?

Luis Castillo. The man is useless, no range, can't hit...At least Ollie hurts us once a week, Castillo, every day.

Using the closer in a blowout. Doesn't it always seem that the next day you could have used one more inning from the closer, but noooo....

Steve Phillips. That tool is on WFAN often. His hatred for the Mets comes out in his every word. This guy has no professionalism at all. Just a bitter guy...

Baseball "insiders" like Gammons, Heyman, etc. What is this, kindergarten? I know a secret, nah nah nah nah nah....Who tells these dopes this "inside info" anyway? And how hard is it to say that Babe Ruth will be traded for Ted Williams? If you're wrong, so what? You made 3000 other stupid statements just like it, no one will know.

Michael Kay...biggest douche on tv. I think he really believes he's on the team.

All for now, over and out until tomorrow.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm not buying it

So, they get trashed today by a lousy team (are the D'backs really that bad, they look damn good vs. the Mets). OK, whatever, Niese can't be good every time out. He wasn't good today, as he threw the same pitch twice to LaRoche and got the same result. But that's not what's on my mind...

Yesterday, the Mets do nothing. They say they don't want to give up their prospects. Wow, all of a sudden, every prospect is a can't miss! It's a miracle! I say "BS". They don't want to invest in the team, or they can't. You mean to tell me that the Braves, Marlins, White Sox, Phils, Dodgers, and Yankees all gave up their BEST prospects to get better? Come on, Omar, don't insult my intelligence. You don't have the money to spend, they wouldn't trust you even if they did have the money to spend. And herein lies the problem.

This GM has saddled the team with bad contracts, which has had two effects. First, they have less money to spend on other players, and second, the organization does not trust the GM to make the proper moves. So....what do they do?

They HAVE TO get rid of Omar. The Wilpons have given this guy the keys to the kingdom, and he has ruined it. Enough with this guy, he has failed. And PLEASE don't tell me that the farm system is great, and loaded with talent. Last I checked, they were rated 17th, the middle of the pack. Yes, they have produced Niese, Davis, and Thole. Tejada is a young guy, who is not MLB ready. Talk to me when he can hit .250 in the bigs. And I plead, please do not talk Wilmer Flores. He's 18, and in the low-level minor leagues. Talk to me when he's tearing up AAA, THAT is a prospect. Not some kid who has talent at A ball. So, the Mets system has produced some talent, but by no means, does this amount of talent warrant Omar having a job in 2011.

I predict Omar will return. I don't know why, but the Wilpons love this guy. Jeff said on WFAN on Oct. 5, 2009 that Omar must "step up." Well, did he? What do you think? I'm not buying it.