Friday, June 25, 2010

Catch a Tiger

Two out of three ain't bad. It's true in music and in sports. I'll take a series win against anybody, at any time. But one thing kind of irks me...let's go easy on how great the comeback was. Yes, it is nice to see the team not have a glass jaw, as has been the case. But the story in last night's game was the bad start by Takahashi. This guy is up and down, and as a fifth starter, that's not bad. BUT, I think we all agree, it is time to change the dynamic here, and the only way that happens is by winning a spot in the playoffs, and playing October baseball. So, Omar, do we want an up and down fifth starter? No! Get us Cliff Lee, so Takahashi can go back to the pen. Lee becomes at least a number 2, and the Mets have a rotation that can compete with anyone.

Now, I want Lee. I want him badly. But, the idea of Mejia and Pagan for him, to me, is ridiculous. Unless, of course, the Mets can do a sign and trade (which may cost even more). You know if Lee goes FA, the Yankees will go after him a) because Pettitte is retiring and b) to stick in the Mets face. This has to be a sign and trade, as far as I'm concerned.

Back to the original point. Two out of three is not bad. Let's keep it going vs. the Twins.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pinch Me. I Must Be Dreaming!

What can you say? Last year was a disgrace, this year started out the same, and now they look invincible. What could it be? What do you think?

No more Delgado
No more Ollie and Johnny?
Better D?
A healthy Reyes?
A productive Wright?

Whatever it is, I have been watching baseball for 40 years, and I have never seen this kind of turnaround. Should we not analyse it and just enjoy it? Maybe. But now that they're in it, they can't "simply enjoy it". They HAVE TO make a move ot two. As I've said, get me Cliff Lee and one solid bullpen arm.

I take back what I said in the title. Don't pinch me. I'm enjoying this too much!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Road Warriors

Nice job, guys! Granted the O's are not the 27 Yankees, but you have to beat whoever is on the schedule. There are so many positive signs. How about K Rod, doesn't he all of a sudden look like the guy we thought we were getting? J Bay finally hit a road HR. And on the subject of HRs, DW hit 2 and now has more than he had all of last year. Reyes, though the average is still low, is getting on and getting things going. And how about big Pelf? He didn't have the good stuff yesterday, but the Mets still won! Finally, Takahashi had a nice comeback start.

So much to like. Well, one more thing would be great. Let's get past the Braves and see the top for the first time since last May! Can we do it? Not bad to make hay vs. the Tribe while the Bravos play the Famous Rays.

So, Oswalt to the Rangers? Good, get him out of the NL. I want Lee anyway. Talk about a guy who would be motivated to screw his old team! Make the move, Omar! Make the move! Don't sell me Millwood or Guthrie. Let us know that you mean business.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Road Trip

OK, boys, now is the time. All the good work at home needs to be followed up with a solid road trip. The competition for the first six is not strong, and the last 3, well, you know how much we want those games. So, I say 6-3 would be nice, but I'll sign for 5-4 right now.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Something Brewing?

You know, when you watch a game like last night's with Ike's walk off, you can't help thinking that something could be brewing. This is a team that, at times, is a lot of fun to watch. Yes, sometimes they're still maddening, but does anyone want to revert to last year? Didn't think so! Ike's shot was a bomb, and I think second only to his shot on the Shea Bridge in terms of longest Citi HRs. So, how do we go from "sometimes fun" to "contender"? I think the answer is easy.

They need Cliff Lee. Think about it. This guy is not yet thirty, so why not do a sign and trade with the M's? You trade for him ONLY if you can sign him before the deal is complete. If they can pull this off (I'd give them Mejia in a deal), then I think they're one reliable bullpen arm away. Those can be had at the deadline, it happens every year. With this and Beltran coming back, I'll take my chances with this team.

Any thoughts?

Monday, June 7, 2010

How Sweep It Is!

They finished off the Marlins yesterday in improbable fashion. Early on, it looked like the team was showing its glass jaw, going down meekly after getting down 5-0. Then, they stirred, with the key hits coming from my main men Frenchy and Pagan! Of course, K Rod made us sweat in the 9th, but that, as we know, is par for the course.

Now the Pads come to town. and we owe them big time! I would not mind seeing that gnat Eckstein eat some dirt in this series. I just love all of those 2006 Cardinals (barf).

The key question is what needs to be done to get this team to contender status. Steve Phillips was on WFAN, he said the Mets are too far away and they should focus on low-level pitchers (Meyers, Millwood). Gee, Steve, you're not too bitter! I say, get me Cliff Lee on a sign and trade, one bullpen arm, and we're right in there.If we can lock up Lee for 4 years, I'd give up Mejia. Lee is still not 30.

What do you all think?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Filet of Fish

I love it. 2 in a row, with one more tomorrow. I think these wins have even more meaning against Florida. The Mets need to kick this team in its ass, and make it hurt. We all know why. I was at the game today, and it was a nice comfortable win (unlike last night's nail biter). Good to see DW hit an absolute parabola, almost hitting the glass of the Amtrak Club. Ike gets his first, four-hit game, and my man Frenchy stays hot. Niese was outstanding, though I wonder why, after 88 piches, Jerry took him out after 7. I'll watch SNY tonight for some insight into Jerry's thinking (LOL).


Friday, June 4, 2010

Something's Fishy

So, the Fish arrive for 3 at Citi. It is about time we pay these guys back for all the damage they've done, most recently a 4-game whitewash in Miami. We are relying on Dickey, a fresh-off-the-DL Niese, and Takahasi. Does not remind anyone of Seaver, Koosman, and Matlack, but what the hell, we've got to get it done with these guys. BTW, the Braves are on fire, this would be a good time to play very well, Metropolitans!

Castillo goes on the DL, and Santos comes up? Yes, I know the catchers are hurting, but what about Jesus Feliciano as a back up CF? Who would step in if Pagan went down, Frenchy? Oh boy.

Bye bye, GMJ. If Ollie goes, I think the purging will be complete.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This loss to the Padres on 6/2 is the most painful loss in recent memory. First, the Mets are in the race, and need every win. To be within one strike and then lose, that's tough to take. Second, the little twerp Eckstein did it to us, and we all know just how much we love him and all of the 2006 Cardinals. Third, your ace gives you seven gutsy innings, and you come away empty. Fourth, and maybe the biggest cause for concern, the team has to be losing faith in K Rod. He just isn't a lock-down closer, end of story. When you battle and see your closer give it up, that can't be good for the psyche.

You really want to believe that this team has something, something to latch onto and root for. But nights like tonight are just a kick in the pants, all too familiar for all of us long-time Mets fans.


Trying for Meatloaf

Let's get two out of three, boys. It's the top of the 8th as I type, Johan is out, and trouble is brewing as Feliciano gives up a lead-off hit. Come on, let's lock it down. How about Frenchy, huh? He's hot again.

We gonna hold this lead?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, the Padres whooped up on most of the staff last night. Didn't you just kind of know that Takahashi would get lit up eventually? And what's up with Igarashi? It says something when Ollie was your best pitcher in a game where you paraded several of them out there. My concern is whether that may be coming for Dickey, too. That's why I say sign Dontrelle and let Detroit pay him. Why not have Dontrelle in the wings? Maybe, someday, we can release Ollie and have Dontrelle take his spot.

OK, well, butt kickings happen. Let's get the next two, and all will be well. That'll make a .500 trip, and based on this team's road woes, I'll take that any time.