Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas wishes

Not much Mets news recently, so maybe Santa's listening. Here's our list of wishes, Mr. Kringle, and we've been good boys and girls this year. Please consider leaving the following at Citi Field:

A starting pitcher (or two, if you're in a good mood). We'll take Chris Young or Jeff Francis. Or, maybe you can surprise us with someone from a trade. Not that beggars can be choosers, but WE DO NOT WANT FREDDY GARCIA.

A new option at second base. I mean, Castillo, Murphy, or Emaus? Really? Come on, Kris, we can do better than that. There has to be someone out there. You're Santa, you come up with something!

A healthy Beltran. Please sprinkle some magic dust on Carlos's knee, so he'll have a good year. He's a great player when healthy, so let's make him healthy.

A new home for Omar. Please, Kris, keep that man away from this team. He has done more damage to this organization than one person should be allowed. Put him on your sleigh and drop him off in Arizona, Colorado, The Bronx......

A healthy Reyes. This team goes as Reyes goes. Please keep him healthy, so not only will he do well in 2011, but also Sandy will consider extending him. Reyes is one of the faces of the franchise, we need him here, and healthy.

A health Bay. We need the 2009 version, not the 2010 version. Enough said.

A new arm or two for the pen. Seriously, look at our pen, dude. Yikes!

Okay, mom always said don't be greedy, so I'll stop here. Remember, we've all been nice this year. We'll leave cookies for ya!

Merry Christmas!