Friday, September 10, 2010

Say it ain't so, Johan!

Read it and weep, fellow fans, the ace has gone down. What else? Can we really believe that the misfortune is over? I can't. The most troubling thing is the uncertainty of the recovery. Some say 24 weeks. Some say that this injury is uncommon for pitchers, so it is a big unknown. Regardless, there's no way that Johan can be counted in for opening day. And on a team that does not seem inclined to spend money this off season, this is particularly damaging. Not to mention, this is 3 years in a row that Johan ends the season with a surgety-requiring injury. Ohhhhh boy!
Well, I got a call today for my "consolation" free tickets. The question is, is this team worth that price?


  1. As we watch Johan go down the tubes for 2010 (just like the entire season did about 2 months ago), I can't help but think about the Phillies. In less then 12 months time, they acquired Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt. In terms of starting pitching, what did the team from Flushing do? Oh wait, we got R.A. Dickey!

    Well, that makes things better, nevermind, I am mollified.

  2. What's worse, Bob, is that the Mets say "there were no deals out there to make us better". Hmm....if a team like the Phils can find deals to make them better, you mean, the Mets can't?

  3. The Wilpons are full of sh*t.

    Omar has made his share of mistakes but what GM hasn't? The guy has made plenty of good deals, hell, he even got a warm body in return for Francoeur, so when they say "there's no deals out there" it really means Omar got a memo saying "We're not spending any more money. Love, Fred"

  4. I bet Omar will show that letter to reporters as he cleans out his desk. I agree, his hands were tied.