Saturday, August 14, 2010


R.A. Dickey is the KING! How can you not root for this guy? He tried to be a conventional pitcher, and it didn't work. So, he goes to the minors to refine his craft (are you listening, Ollie??) and he comes back at 35, a revamped pitcher. He is gritty. He competes. He refuses to give up on himself, or his team. Oh yeah, and he has no ulnar nerve in his elbow. Whew! The man rocks, and I would proudly buy my daughter a "43" jersey. It will be pleasure to watch him next year for a full season. The 18 shutouts by the staff lead MLB, and it does give us something to be proud of in this otherwise dismal season.

Luis wants to be traded? LOL!! Dude, we want to trade you! Newsflash, no one wants you!! It's not 2003 any longer, Luis. How about you and Ollie shutting your mouths and collecting your checks until we find a way to set you free? What is with these guys and their over-inflated senses of self? Frenchy says he's not a platoon player, Ollie refuses to go to AAA, etc. Good Lord...which brings me back to this. We need stronger leadership in this organization, from Jeff, to Omar, to the manager's chair.

This should be an interesting off season. One last thing, I'm really sick of Hard Knocks and Jet hype.


  1. R.A. Hippie! Loved the interview after the game but word is he raced out of the clubhouse so he could catch the Grateful Dead concert at home on MSG.

  2. He even has a "Touch of Gray" in his hair!