Monday, August 23, 2010

The crying has begun

Well, what do we have here? Yesterday, as Barajas was leaving, an "anonymous Met" said "I wish I could go with him". So, the dissention is kicking in. Of course, I wonder who that was. I'm sure we're all wondering that. It does not do any good to speculate, so I won't. But I do think the organization should try to identify this person, and try to accommodate him, if at all possible. Now, if it's Santana, Wright, or Reyes, that may be tough. But we've all wondered when the craziness would take a toll. Wonder no more.

So what about far-reaching impact? Do free agents out there say "I'm not going there"? Do "core guys" follow suit, and ask to be dealt? Where is this all going?

This leads us to the inevitable question. Have we weathered the storm, and as I speculated before, is the K Rod thing the last straw, and things will start to change? Or, are we on the verge of the late 70's all over again, where we're condemned to 5+ years of horror? I hope it's not the latter. I'm holding on to the idea of Niese, Ike, Pagan, Wright, Reyes, etc. But can't you see the other alternative coming to fruition? No money to spend, no trades to make, great seats at Citi...

If it is the latter, we'll all look like today's picture.


  1. Good seats, no traffic, no lines to get a knish. These things are usually nice, but not when the team is horribly falling apart. Wait, team? I meant franchise.

  2. Right on, Jim. That's the key...if the franchise is falling apart, we're doomed. If the team is falling apart, guys can be moved around to help. Something tells me it's the franchise, though...